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Leadership and Performance: Intern Programs (DOI)

By Experience

Check out these leadership and performance intern programs available with the DOI.

DOI University's Intern Programs provide a planned, systematic, competency-based approach to developing future leaders, at all levels, for the Department of the Interior. The Governmentwide Acquisition Management Intern Program, Office of the Secretary Management Intern Program, and the R. Schuyler Lesher Financial Management Career Intern Program offer enhanced development opportunities for high potential future leaders.

Governmentwide Acquisition Management Intern Program

Office of the Secretary Management Intern Program

The Office of the Secretary Management Intern Program is a two-year program designed to recruit, develop, and retain a group of diverse future leaders for the Department's management functions. The interns complete six four-month rotational assignments in Interior's Policy, Management and Budget offices, which include finance, budget, personnel, environmental policy, policy analysis and acquisition. Interns receive on-the-job training during their rotational assignments and they also receive formal classroom training in business skills such as customer service, briefing techniques, and automation applications; leadership/supervisory skills; human resource/equal opportunity program requirements; and specialty job-related knowledge.

Participants are recruited at the GS 5/7 levels. Once the two-year training program is complete, interns will be permanently placed in one of the Department's Policy, Management and Budget Offices in a position that has a full performance level of GS-12. For more details on this program, including points of contact, please click on the title link above.

R. Schuyler Lesher Financial Management Career Intern Program

The R. Schuyler Lesher Financial Management Career Intern Program is a two-year program that focuses on providing practical work experience and rotational assignments with supplemental academic training and cross training for a broad perspective of the Department's financial management process. The program is designed to develop the future financial leaders at the Department of the Interior.

Interns are recruited at the GS-7 level and have promotion potential to the GS-12. They are hired by the finance offices in the participating bureaus, and are carried on their rolls from day one. For more details on this program, including points of contact, please click on the title link above.

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