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Eloise Barrow's Internship

By Hally Pinaud
Associated Content

Eloise is working on her degree in Writing, Literature, and Publishing at Emerson College. So when her mother ended up planning an event for PAPER Magazine, it seemed natural to ask if they were looking for interns.




'"They said they were and would love to have me interview. Now here I am!'" she says about her lucky break in the internship hunt.

When she first started out this summer, Eloise found herself working with promotions and advertising department of the publication, which meant working on a lot of spreadsheets. "I think I built up my credibility doing those sorts of things,'" she notes. Still, like many interns, she was often frustrated by days spent working on Excel.?'"About a month into the internship I thought I was going to quit because I couldn't handle it'" she reflects, before adding, "but I stuck it out and it is paying off more now."

How much more? Eloise has worked on some very cool projects including a major role in the publication''s Action Culture Time Capsule. She explains, "Rihanna and one lucky PAPER winner received a bunch of free merchandise... I was in charge of coordinating all of the clients and products and making sure everything arrived on time.'" She also recently worked on a luncheon thrown by the magazine for Parisian boutique Collette.'"[It] was somewhat fabulous greeting the guests as they arrived because everybody was somebody? people big in the fashion world? and because of my work at the luncheon, the Marketing Department decided they wanted me to work for them more often,'" she says.

Hobnobbing with fashionistas is not the not the only plus to her tenure at the magazine. Although the internship is unpaid, she gushes when asked about her favorite part of working for PAPER, "definitely being able to go on photo shoots. They can be few and far between, but since I am taking a minor in Photography and have been studying/teaching it since I was 15 years old, it is great to be involved in the shoots."

?The internship has been a tremendous learning experience for Eloise in most of the usual ways: she's learned a great deal about working in the industry, had some valuable networking opportunities, and built her resume with an impressive array of projects. Still, one very important point stands out. '"I have decided that this is probably not the line of work I want to go into," she states; a monumental lesson for someone who''s concentrating on magazine publishing in college! She knows one thing for sure though: "I hope my internship will be a stepping stone to other great achievements.'"

This article was reprinted with permission from Associated Content, The People's Media Company. Visit today to publish your own content and explore AC's growing multimedia library.

© 2008 Associated Content, Inc.

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