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When's the best time for internships? Any time you can get one

By Jenna Lebel

Many companies say they hire interns year-round.

The process of looking for an internship can seem overwhelming. Where to look? How to apply? What benefits will it bring me? But based on an Experience survey of over fifty employers, students can eliminate one lurking question: when to intern?

The best time to intern is essentially anytime. Results indicate that 66% of employers hire interns year-round. With well over the majority of employers hiring year-round and roughly 30 of the employers hiring 3+ interns annually, it seems the best time to get an internship is anytime.

While the majority of employers offer internships year-round, others offer internship opportunities primarily in the summer. Twenty-nine percent of employers only offer internships in the summer and not year-round. However, all of these employers offer some form of compensation for their interns. Employers like Lowe's Companies, Inc. (Mooresville, NC) and Time Warner Cable (Herndon, VA) only have summer internships available; however, both companies pay interns based on an hourly rate. The City of Everett (Everett, WA) provides summer interns with a $500 stipend for their work.

Miray Ramy of Eureka Enrichment & Learning Center Inc. (San Juan, PA) explained, "We hire interns only for the summer. We provide housing accommodations, a car and generous leisure time for island travel."

Since the internships are available, students have the luxury of deciding when they want to intern and working from there. Some students may opt to intern for course credit during the school year, while others may wait for paid summer positions.

According to Brian Steines of Wilderness Inquiry (Minneapolis, MN) students who hold internships during the school year have priority when it comes to selecting interns for the summer paid positions.

Internships themselves are beneficial and those benefits exist regardless of when students choose to intern. So to help ease some of the burden of the internship process, know that you can get one anytime of year!

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