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Car Buying 101: What Else Is New?

Before you go shopping for that new, fuel-efficient car, there are things you'll need to know. So we went and asked a dealer for you, and here's what we learned. Part Four: What else is new?

CAR BUYING 101: Questions to Ask Dealers: Financing | Fuel Efficiency | Why Should I Worry? | What else is new?
What other features do new cars have?

Just within the last few years, new cars have gone way beyond bare-bones transportation. Even in the more compact models, safety is a prime factor, but now has been combined with a coolness factor. Many vehicles feature dashboard computer displays, helping the driver to monitor road conditions, car safety and maintenance conditions. Add to that smarter steering, more airbags, better braking systems,  and remote safety alert monitoring systems such as OnStar, which can detect and communicate with you about car problems - even providing accident assistance -- in real time.

Of course, the cool factor applies as well to every kind of accessory, from external add-ons to enhanced, multi-speaker stereo systems with XM radio, and center consoles that put you in a virtual cockpit.

Can I sleep on it?

At the end of the day, what brings you into a specific car dealer(s) is based a lot on personal preference and priorities. It's imperative to do research on what features you like---so, do as much online "homework" as you can before you head for the showrooms.

Contributing to this guide were: Meg Tomasello, Jenna Lebel & Tasha Naatz

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