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Car Buying 101: Why Should I Worry?

Before you go shopping for that new, fuel-efficient car, there are things you'll need to know. So we went and asked a dealer for you, and here's what we learned. Part Three: Why should I worry?

CAR BUYING 101: Questions to Ask Dealers: Financing | Fuel Efficiency | Why Should I Worry? | What else is new?
Gas prices have gone down a little, why should I worry about buying a fuel-efficient vehicle?

Money, money, money! With roller-coaster fuel costs, not to mention the current economic situation, consumers are looking for a little financial relief. After purchasing a more fuel-efficient vehicle, you may feel like you're saving a ton of money week-by-week, by limiting trips to the gas station.

With that being said, it's extremely important not to overlook growing concerns for the environment and the climate crisis---many of the green-conscious out there prioritize this as number one when purchasing cars and other products for that matter.
What are automakers doing about fuel-efficiency?

Whether it's in the way that they manage their operations, or the products and services that they offer consumers, automakers understand the role that they can play in protecting the environment, and preserving resources. Now, they are literally paving the way...
Other companies are likewise reducing their carbon footprint by altering the way that they operate and conduct business, mainly through transportation and logistics. To help this matter, in 2004, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched SmartWay, as a way to advise businesses and consumers about more fuel-efficient transportation options. Overall, EPA's SmartWay site presents great information for drivers and shoppers who want to make greener choiceswhen it comes to transportation.

NEXT: What else is new?

Contributing to this guide were: Meg Tomasello, Jenna Lebel & Tasha Naatz

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