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Car Buying 101: Fuel Efficiency

Before you go shopping for that new, fuel-efficient car, there are things you'll need to know. So we went and asked a dealer for you, and here's what we learned. Part two: I'm interested in a fuel-efficient vehicle, what are my options?

CAR BUYING 101: Questions to Ask Dealers: Financing | Fuel Efficiency | Why Should I Worry? | What else is new?
Car dealers may inform you that hybrid vehicles can provide the best mileage, but hybrids are usually more expensive, and aren't always the best choice for everyone.  However, fuel-efficient vehicles abound, many already achieving more than 30 miles per gallon highway. For example, the Chevy Cobalt XFE with 37 MPG highway, gets better fuel economy than the Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic.. And the prospects continue to get better, as car manufacturers will increase the fuel efficiency of their cars over the next few years. By 2015, the mandated fuel economy standard for all vehicles will be 31.6 miles per gallon.
This simply goes to show that there are fuel-efficient vehicles right now, with more on the way, that are perhaps just as "green" as the hybrid option, if not more... and they will provide a gentle-wash on your jeans-pocket, as well. has a very helpful section on their website, where you can get the latest on fuel-efficient vehicles - How to: save money, protect the environment, and conserve resources.

You can also take a (virtual) look at several cars simultaneously, again using some of the online resources available such as the Compare Vehicles tool when doing your research.

NEXT: Why Worry?
Contributing to this guide were: Meg Tomasello, Jenna Lebel & Tasha Naatz

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