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IRS: Careers: Hot Jobs


Interested in critical positions in federal agencies? Here are 13 Vital Jobs within the IRS.

Listed alphabetically below are the 13 mission-critical occupations deemed vital for the IRS to meet its dual challenges of service and enforcement in the coming years. Our National Recruiters are especially interested in filling vacancies for these positions as openings are announced.

Use the 4-digit Job Series number -- indicated for each mission-critical occupation below  -- to identify and Search for these jobs on CareerConnector or the IRS page on USAJOBS. When you find a job title that interests you, carefully read its specific vacancy announcement for details about the job, the qualification requirements and how to apply.

The GS range listed with each job below shows the possible grade/pay levels for the position. The lower GS number is usually the "entry-level" grade for the occupation, and the higher GS number is the maximum grade level for the occupation.

1. Appeals Officer
Appeals Division
Job Series 0930
GS-11 to GS-15

In the position of IRS Appeals Officer, you'll conduct conferences to settle cases in which taxpayers have appealed IRS determinations on their tax case, or filed a petition in U.S. Tax Court. Your responsibilities will include providing effective neutral assistance as a mediator between the IRS and the taxpayer, and you'll have the authority to arrive at the final disposition of the case from the Government's perspective ? and to approve the final settlement.

2. Computer Specialist/Information Technology Specialist
MITS Division
Job Series 2210
GS-07 to GS-15

As an IRS IT Specialist, you will work primarily in our Modernization and Information Technology Services (MITS) Division. We are currently undergoing a massive and long-term IT modernization program, while remaining focused on maintaining our current systems' effectiveness. Your assignments would involve complex projects in operating systems, systems integration, applications software, database management, customer support, Internet services and security systems.

3. Contact Representative
SB/SE and W&I Divisions
Job Series 0962
GS-04 to GS-12

In this position, you will work primarily in our W&I and SB/SE organizations through telephone or face-to-face contact with taxpayers. Responsibilities will include providing information and assistance, as well as taking action where needed to resolve tax issues, often involving delinquent situations. Actions needed might include initiating liens or installment payment agreements, as well as researching the taxpayer's ability to pay.

4. Economist
Appeals, LMSB, RAS, SB/SE and W&I Divisions
Job Series 0110
GS-07 to GS-15

As an Economist in an IRS technical function, you'll be a financial expert in the valuation of products, services and assets. You'll conduct economic analyses and research that incorporate such complex factors as competitive conditions, trade barriers, financial markets and product life cycles. And, you'll support other highly skilled agents and attorneys as their advisor and consultant on a wide range of economic issues and tax cases.

5. Engineer
Appeals, AWSS and LMSB Divisions
Job Series 0801
GS-12 to GS-14

As an expert in one of our technical functions, you'll combine engineering skills with a broad knowledge of tax law to provide high-level technical advice and input to field investigations. These will involve valuations of real and personal property using generally accepted appraisal principles including market data, income and cost approaches to valuations. Additional engineering specialties may include mining, petroleum and industrial engineering.

6. Revenue Agent
SB/SE Division
Job Series 0512
GS-5 to GS-14

As an IRS Revenue Agent in our SB/SE Division, you'll plan and conduct on-site examinations and investigations of individuals and small businesses to determine their federal tax liability. Working regularly with taxpayers, their representatives, certified public accountants and attorneys, you'll apply a range of financial and other investigative skills to analyze intricate and complex accounting systems, business activities and financing.

7. Revenue Agent
TE/GE Division
Job Series 512
GS-5 to GS-14

As an IRS Revenue Agent in our TE/GE Division, you'll conduct examinations of employee plans, exempt organizations and government entities. Your responsibilities will involve making determinations on pension plans to ensure they meet tax regulations, or determining if organizations that are applying for tax-exempt status meet the tax law requirements (including religious, charitable or educational organizations). You may also be involved in taxpayer education outreach.

8. Revenue Officer
SB/SE and W&I Divisions
Job Series 1169
GS-5 to GS-14

As a Revenue Officer, you'll be highly trained and responsible for collecting delinquent taxes owed and securing delinquent tax returns where taxpayers have failed to file. Your duties will involve conducting research, interviews, investigations and financial statement analysis for your assigned cases, often at the taxpayer's home or business. And, you'll counsel taxpayers on their tax obligations, ensuring that their rights are protected.

9. Senior Revenue Agent
LMSB Division
Job Series 0512
GS-5 to GS-15

As an IRS Revenue Agent in our LMSB Division, you'll administer the tax examinations of the largest corporations in the world, frequently dealing with issues such as tax shelters, mergers and acquisitions, and global operations. You'll work closely with senior-level executives of corporate tax departments and their representatives, facing significant challenges in researching and developing tax issues, and in communicating with the taxpayers.

10. Special Agent
Criminal Investigation Division
Job Series 1811
GS-05 to GS-15

As an IRS Criminal Investigation (CI) Special Agent, you'll combine your accounting knowledge with law enforcement skills to investigate such financial crimes as tax evasion and money laundering. Today's sophisticated criminal schemes aimed at defrauding the Government demand the analytical ability of premier financial investigators to examine complex paper trails and computerized financial records to "follow the money."

11. Tax Examiner
SB/SE and W&I Divisions
Job Series 0592
GS-04 to GS-12

As an IRS Tax Examiner, you'll respond to taxpayers' inquiries about their tax returns, as well as contact them by mail or telephone on a wide range of tax issues. You may also review tax returns for accuracy and completeness, code returns for computer processing, and help provide e-help and e-services for the increasing number of taxpayers who now file their tax returns electronically.

12. Tax Law Specialist
LMSB, TE/GE and W&I Divisions
Job Series 0987
GS-09 to GS-15

IRS employs Tax Law Specialists in many specialized occupations. In our LMSB Division, you'll provide expert advice on a range of corporate tax issues or may be a specialist in international tax law. In TE/GE, you'll deliver authoritative technical tax advice and education through outreach to tax exempt organizations and employee plans. And, in W&I, you'll interpret the tax code and regulations to produce annual tax forms and publications.

13. Tax Specialist
SB/SE and W&I Divisions
Job Series 0526
GS-5 to GS-14

In the role of Tax Specialist (TS) in one of our technical functions, you will guide and assist taxpayers by conducting outreach programs for individuals, or working through state and private "partners" who deal with specific taxpayer segments. Outreach includes communication and training programs that highlight IRS services, products and recent tax law changes. Bilingual Tax Specialist positions may be available.

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