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DOI Initiatives

By Experience

Sure, the DOI doesn't sound cool, but check out what they oversee and you might think differently.

Sure, the Dept. of the Interior doesn't sound exciting, but take a look at some of the cool initiatives they oversee and you'll have a new appreciation for the DOI.

Improving Our National Parks
Maintenance Backlog
BulletReviewing Management Policies at the National Park Service
BulletNPS Legacy Initiative and 4-Year Plan - "Doing Business in the 21st Century"
BulletSee Our Parks in Pictures?

Promoting Healthy Forests
BulletHealthy Forests Initiative
BulletNational Interagency Fire Center (NIFC)

Improve Management of Public Lands
BulletEverglades Restoration
BulletNational Invasive Species Council
BulletInvasive Species
BulletNational Wetlands Inventory
BulletWhite House Council on Environmental Quality
BulletWildland Fire Leadership Council

Managing Water in the West
BulletColorado River Water Agreement
BulletWater 2025
BulletPreventing Crises and Conflict

Protecting Endangered Species and Wildlife Habitat
BulletCritical Habitat
BulletEndangered Species Information
BulletSpecies Recovery
BulletPolicy for Evaluation of Conservation Efforts (PECE)
BulletConservation Banking

Improving Management of Departmental Resources
BulletManagement Excellence

Promoting Public and Private Partnerships
BulletPartnerships at Interior
BulletGrants and Financial Assistance
BulletLandowner Incentive Program
BulletPrivate Stewardship Grants
BulletCooperative Conservation
BulletPartners for Fish and Wildlife

Improving Quality of Life for Indian Tribes and Island Communities
BulletNative Americans
BulletIndian Trust
BulletInsular Affairs and Territories

Protecting Our Nation's Treasures
BulletPreserve America
BulletDiscovering America's Natural Heritage
BulletWelcoming Researchers to National Parks
BulletLighthouse Preservation

Promoting Responsible Energy Policy
BulletIncreasing Availability of Renewable Energy Resources
BulletDOI Role in President's Energy Policy
BulletEnvironmentally Responsible Energy Production in Alaska?s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)
BulletNational Petroleum Reserve - Alaska
BulletOffshore Energy Development
Bullet Economic Incentives to Promote Offshore Energy Development
BulletMountaintop Mining

Answering the President's Call to Service
BulletTake Pride in America
BulletUSA Freedom Corps

Encouraging Recreation on Public Lands
BulletBLM Recreation Guide
BulletImproving Opportunities for Hunters and Anglers
BulletRecreation Fees

Fulfilling DOI's International Responsibilities
Bullet International Affairs Office
Bullet MMS International Activities Program

In addition to the the above initiatives, the DOI is involved in these exciting issues too:

Bullet5-Year Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Oil and Gas Leasing Program
BulletAdministration Environmental Accomplishments
BulletAmerican Indian Probate Reform Act
BulletColorado River Water Agreement
BulletCompetitive Sourcing
BulletConservation Grants
BulletEnhancing Survival and Recovery of Endangered Species in Foreign Countries
BulletEverglades Restoration
BulletMill Site Location and Patenting
BulletOcean and Coastal Responsibilities at Interior
BulletPreventing Catastrophic Fires
BulletR.S. 2477
BulletReviewing Management Policies at the National Park Service
BulletThe Recreation Fee Program
BulletSustaining Landscapes and Habitat for Wildlife through Cooperative Conservation
Bullet Wilderness
Bullet Wolf Management in the Northern Rocky Mountains
BulletYellowstone National Park

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