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Experience Salary Survey Results- Government

By Experience

From May to September 2006, Experience asked graduating students (class of 2006) to share their success in finding a full-time job. We are pleased to let you in on this information now. Take a look at what the class of 2006 is up to- and benefit from the experiences of other members in the Experience community!

Students hired in this industry came from a wide array of majors, ranging from political science/government, computer science, business, economics, engineering, law, to life and social sciences.

For full-time jobs in the government, the median salary was $36k-$45k. Positions included research, accounting/auditing, human resources, lobbying, analysis, social work, engineering and MIS, for local, state and federal governments.

Hiring organizations included U.S. Patent Office, U.S. Department of Labor, The Federal Reserve Bank as well as city, country and state departments.

Want more information on salaries in other industries??

When you get a job or internship this academic year, please share your success?with us so we can continue to offer an up-to-date view on hiring stats.

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