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IRS Careers: Jeff

By Experience

Meet Jeff, a Revenue Officer at the IRS.

Revenue Officer (Job Series 1169)
16 Years

BA in Business Administration and Accounting
BA in Health Care Administration and Education

I work a caseload of business accounts, which involves the collection of high-dollar tax returns and unpaid balances of assessments, and also ensuring that taxpayers are educated about their tax obligations. The best part of my job is that my judgment is trusted by IRS, and I'm given the freedom to work independently.

I first came to the IRS after seeing an ad in USAJOBS. I had been looking for stability and something I could count on for the long term. It's the challenge of the job and the opportunity to do so many different things - the things you learn and the people you meet - that has kept me here. Also, the IRS offered me a chance to relocate where I needed to be, and that has meant a great deal to me. The opportunities for steady financial growth, and the feeling of independence on the job are really important to me. This is a real-world job - you really understand you're in a melting pot with so many diverse people.

Outside of work, I'm a musician (keyboardist) and a gospel singer/songwriter. Through my music, I "praise and worship" at my home church, and I'm the Minister of Music at a second church. I'm also currently working on a CD of gospel music.

Something I think students should know about applying at the IRS is to be mindful of their GPA. Applicants should also be focused on sharpening their accounting skills, since an accounting background or credits are helpful in so many of our jobs. Also, for the most part, an IRS job is an eight-hour-a-day job with flexible work schedules that enable you to have a life. Every day, when I wake up, I can honestly say I am happy to go to work.

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