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Opportunities for Government Majors

By Experience

Sure, as a government major, your research, writing, and critical thinking abilities can land you a great internship in government, but don't overlook your other options- you have lots to choose from.


Even if you're not planning to be president, your government major is a great way to prep yourself for the real world. Whether you've read all of Plato's dialogues, debated the effects of globalization, or written a term paper on campaign spending, you've developed skills that will enable you to find internships in a multitude of industries. Sure, your research, writing, and critical thinking abilities can land you a great internship in government, but don't overlook your other options- you have lots to choose from.

A consulting firm, for example, will offer you the chance to problem-solve for the corporate world, while a newspaper internship will give you a chance to report on political events instead of just discussing them in class. Even if you're destined for a career in politics, a nongovernment internship will sharpen the skills you'll need. Learn about crime fighting at a law enforcement agency, or see how a public relations firm performs damage control when bad publicity hits. Whatever your future plans, an internship will help propel you to success.

As you check out our suggestions, think about your strengths and interests to determine which fields to explore further. Are you good with people, or would you feel more comfortable surrounded by books? Or maybe you don't know the first thing about teaching, but you think it might be the career for you. If you're trying to decide between industries, or even if you're not sure where to start, get out there and intern! The experience will be invaluable to your search for a career once you have your degree in hand.

Some options available to you include:

Consulting firms

Government posts

Journalism: Print, online, and TV

Law enforcement agencies

Law/lobbying firms

Nonprofit organizations

Public relations: Firms and departments


Teaching in the community

Think tanks

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