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IT Careers: The IRS might be the Best Place to Start

By Experience

Interested in an IT career? Think about the IRS as a potential employer. Computer professionals interface with every functional area within the IRS, and work with some of the largest and most well-known IT contractors in the nation.

Information Technology

Our computer professionals interface with every functional area within the IRS, and work with some of the largest and most well-known IT contractors in the nation.

The IRS offers an information technology environment that is uniquely dynamic and advanced. Working here, you will find a world of automation that is continually changing and growing.

The data?
It is among the most critical in the country. Tracking, organizing and ensuring the security and confidentiality of that data is paramount ? it is the data that ultimately helps to support vital national programs and local communities across the country.

Typical Positions
Opportunities are available for Telecom Specialists, Programmers, Computer Specialists, Network Administrators, Web Designers and more.

What about advancement opportunities?
We offer advancement potential throughout our organization, as well as some of the most valuable ongoing skills development anywhere. In addition to work-site programs, you can take advantage of the HR Investment Fund that provides monetary support for applicable college courses and training.

The technologies. The important challenges. The caliber of data. The professional development: It all adds up.

If you have questions regarding IRS Information Technology careers, click here to find a recruiting event where you can talk to an IRS Recruiter.

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