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IRS Careers: Executive

By Experience

The IRS offers a variety of opportunities for all kinds of professionals ? whether you?re seeking a full-time career or a seasonal job, consider the Executive level.


Leadership on a finely tuned level.
You may currently hold a position in the area of academia, business, industry or another field. Whatever the case, this is your opportunity to effect meaningful change by serving in an organization that impacts every American business, corporation and citizen.

Opportunities exist for highly motivated executive-level individuals for placement within IRS Senior Executive Service. Here, you will participate in the highest levels of IRS decision-making. Assignments will be in any one of the many national and international Internal Revenue posts of duty.

The IRS Candidate Development Program
The SES Candidate Development Program (CDP) is the principal means through which the IRS seeks to identify and hire a highly competent and fully effective career executive corps. The CDP is a minimum of one year and maximum of two years in length, and consists of formal training (Executive Development (XD) Program) and developmental assignments. Its purpose is to identify outstanding persons with demonstrated leadership competencies and to prepare them for Senior Executive positions.

Graduates of the CDP are eligible for OPM's Qualification Review Board (QRB) certification to become members of the Service's corps of executives, and are expected to advance from their entry-level developmental assignments to key executive positions in a headquarters organization (the Washington, DC or Atlanta, GA metropolitan areas) or a field office. Selections are guided by an assessment of the applicant's demonstrated leadership and technical competencies.

The current vacancy announcement is soliciting applications for future XD classes. Both internal and external applicants may request an application package by emailing:, using "Send Forms" in your subject line.

The announcements (CDP 2005/2006) may be found on USAJOBS, using keyword: CDP.

For additional information, contact our Executive Careers recruiter.

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