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IRS Careers: Administrative and Clerical

By Experience

The IRS offers a variety of opportunities for all kinds of professionals ? whether you're seeking a full-time career or a seasonal job.


From File and Mail Clerks, to Administrative Assistants and beyond, the employment opportunities in our Administrative and Clerical area are perhaps the most wide-ranging that we offer. They are integral to everything we do at the IRS, focusing on providing direct support to management and technical professionals in every one of our business divisions and functional units.

Equally as far-ranging as the opportunities we offer are the locations in which you may work. Positions are available in our Service Centers, in our many field offices, as well as throughout our headquarters and in Washington, DC and the surrounding area.

For openings in our Service Centers, and for more information, we encourage you to contact the Center nearest you.

For positions in our field offices, Washington, DC headquarters and surrounding locations, you can search for career opportunities here.

When you join us, you will have the opportunity to interface with IRS personnel at all levels - most often with other co-workers, supervisors and managers. You may also have direct contact with taxpayers, especially in our Service Centers. Wherever you work, you will know you are a key member of the IRS team.

Unrivaled growth potential. In addition to varied personal contact, you will enjoy growth and advancement potential that is truly boundless. By furthering your education, taking on new responsibilities and demonstrating a willingness to be mobile, you can rise to any level you desire. Additional training is always available. You can also take advantage of our HR Investment Fund that provides monetary support for applicable educational courses.

Qualifications. Candidates who explore our Administrative and Clerical openings must have a high school diploma or the equivalent, be 18 years or older, have proof of US citizenship and be able to pass work/skills testing.

The importance of the work. The personal interaction. The choices. The growth and advancement potential. It all adds up.

Click here to find a recruiting event where you can talk to an IRS Recruiter.

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