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IRS Careers: Matthew

By Experience

Meet Matthew, Criminal Investigator, Special Agent with the IRS.

Criminal Investigator, Special Agent
Criminal Investigation
7 Years

I attended a mid-size state university and received my bachelor?s degree in accounting. I later received my Certified Public Accountant designation by successfully completing a rigorous examination. For two years I worked for a small tax firm which specialized in complex individual taxpayer returns and smaller privately owned businesses. Before I received my appointment as an IRS special agent, I worked as a tax accountant for a large investment brokerage company. In this position, I worked on compliance related matters and conducted tax research for complex investment arrangements or transactions. For several years I also served as an enlisted soldier in the Army Reserve and National Guard assigned to infantry or cavalry units.

I chose employment with IRS Criminal Investigation after determining that I wanted a career in federal law enforcement with a focus in accounting, tax and related financial crimes. While there are many federal agencies such as the FBI, DEA, ICE and ATF, none but IRS Criminal Investigation provides the exclusive opportunity to investigate financial crimes. Furthermore, because financial schemes differ so greatly, IRS Criminal Investigation offers tremendous variety in the nature and type of investigations you conduct. It?s common to be assigned tax or money laundering schemes that involve different industries, varying degrees of complexity and sophistication, and violations of other criminal offenses. As an IRS special agent, it is your duty to conduct the financial investigation, find the money, and prove the crime.

I have been an IRS special agent for seven years and have truly enjoyed the experience. I enjoy the challenge of unraveling a sophisticated scheme in an effort to solve a financial crime. This pursuit has involved questioning witnesses at all levels of society, examining offshore records, conducting search warrants, performing surveillances, analyzing tax returns and bank records, travelling to foreign countries, reconstructing shredded documents, and conducting trash runs. Another satisfying part of the job relates to relationships that you build as a federal agent. The commitment toward a common cause, hard work, dedication, and camaraderie you develop with other IRS Criminal Investigation special agents, other law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and members of the public is another very satisfying aspect of the job.

However, the most personally and professionally satisfying aspect of being an IRS Criminal Investigation special agent is the service you perform for others. You do this job not for personal gain or reward, but for the privilege of serving the United States and its citizens. The job permits those fortunate enough to possess it, the opportunity to serve and be part of ?something big.?

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