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IRS Careers: Laurie

By Experience

Meet Laurie, a Contact Representative for the IRS.

Contact Representative (CSR) (Job Series 0962)
5 Years

HS Graduate

My job as a Contact Representative involves assisting taxpayers on the phone, answering general questions, telling them where to find information and providing specific information about their accounts. It's a good feeling knowing that I've helped someone. When they call, they're often scared - but, once you calm them down and show them what they need to do, they're so appreciative.

When I began working for the IRS, it was because my mom and dad already worked for the IRS, and my mom suggested I try it. It's been a godsend. It's not just one job - but rather many opportunities. There are so many different jobs in the IRS - you could never get bored.

In my spare time, I volunteer with the employee organization Association for the Improvement of Minorities (AIM -IRS). We do different things, such as fundraisers - "Taste of the Town," for example, at which different restaurants set up booths. These experiences allow me not only to get to know my co-workers, but other people in the community, as well. And the money we raise goes to fund college scholarships for people based on essays they write. I also have time outside of work for hiking, camping and scrapbooking.

One thing others should know about the IRS is that if you don't like your first job, you can always try something else. There are so many opportunities here. Each one can be a stepping stone, and you really can have a career.

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