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IRS Careers: Frank

By Experience

Meet Frank. He works for the IRS. See his employee profile now.

Tax Examiner (Job Series 0592)
8 Years

HS Graduate
Currently taking college courses in Criminal Justice, and Child and Family Studies

My job responsibilities include responding to taxpayer inquiries on our 1-800 line. It's a professional environment, and offers an opportunity to have a career, not just a job. The pay's not shabby, and there's room for advancement.

I like my job because I feel like I'm actually helping people. I think people are scared of us when they don't really understand the system, but I like helping them figure out their tax situation and what they need to do so they avoid having to use a tax preparer. I also like it when people come to realize that IRS employees are friendly, understanding and focused on customer satisfaction. My day is really rewarding when I discover that a taxpayer has taken the time to write a note, thanking me for helping them.

I started working as an IRS Data Transcriber as a student intern while a high school senior. Since then, I've appreciated that it's a dependable, secure job. And, I have time for a life outside of work ? for example, I'm currently working toward a college degree. I also participate in the IRS golfing club, enjoy snowboarding and have facilitated Director's level meetings.

The best thing I can say about this career choice is that it's a dependable, secure job with good pay and great benefits ? it feels like the perfect job.

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