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What is the Dept. of the Interior?

By Experience

Wondering just what the Dept of the Interior (DOI) is all about? Find out!

Since its creation in 1849, the Department has evolved to become the guardian of the Nation's most precious natural and cultural resources and the steward of its trust responsibilities to American Indians and Alaska Natives. Example of America's public land As the Nation's principal conservation agency, you can help us manage our resources to benefit the American people and preserve the rich and precious heritage of this country. Once known as the department "of everything else," our? stewardship responsibilities touch the lives of the American people in many ways. We preserve the places that give us a proud sense of our history -- from Independence Hall to Gettysburg. We protect breathtaking landscapes of special natural beauty, from the Grand Canyon to Mount Rainier. We provide for the environmentally sound production of oil, gas, and other mineral resources found on America's public lands. Taking care of America's public landsWe honor this Nation's obligations to Native Americans and Alaska Natives. We protect habitat to sustain the nation's fish and wildlife. We help the states manage water resources for millions of people in the Western states. We provide vital scientific and technical information for sound natural resource decision making. Most important, we are listening to the American people and building unique working partnerships with those we serve. This is all done through eight Bureaus: Bureau of Land Management; Minerals Management Service; Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement; Bureau of Reclamation; U.S. Geological Survey; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; National Park Service; Bureau of Indian Affairs.

We are a proud Department with numerous success stories and a rich history. As the steward and guardian of this great Nation's natural resources and cultural heritage, this Department has a special obligation to future generations of Americans. Please join us as strive to protect the environment, tread lightly on the land, and leave the Nation's resources in better shape than we found them for future generations to use and enjoy.
For further information about each of our bureaus, visit their web sites:

National Park Service Home Page Employment Information Site
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Home Page Employment Information Site
U.S. Geological Survey Home Page Employment Information Site
Bureau of Indian Affairs Home Page
Bureau of Land Management Home Page Employment Information Site
Minerals Management Service Home Page

Employment Information Site

Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement Home Page Employment Information Site
Bureau of Reclamation Home Page Employment Information Site

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