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Government Career Exploration Tools

By USA Jobs

Explore your career opportunities with these tools and quizzes.

Career Interest Guide

Find jobs that are best suited for you based on your interests. You can use the Career Interest Guide two ways:

1. Interest Guide Questionnaire- provides a series of questions that gauges your interest level for particular tasks. Based on your response, you will be able to see what career areas fit your interests most and the occupations associated with those areas.

2. Career Interest Areas- specify what field you are interested in most and view the related occupations for that field.

Either way, you can select an occupation based on your interest assessment or based on the career area that interests you. You can then view information such as job description and the minimum qualifications necessary for that job.?

Job Interest Matching

Investigate jobs that include tasks you like to do. When you indicate the kinds of tasks you prefer, they will be matched to jobs available in the government. This list contains some of the most common occupations in the Federal government but not all Federal jobs are represented.

Please select the occupational group.

1. Clerical and Technical - Includes work that supports the efficient operation of an office and other career areas that are more technically oriented.

2. Professional and Administrative - Includes a wide variety of positions requiring advanced education or specialized work experience as well as those jobs that have more administrative type duties.

3. Supervisory, Managerial, and Executive - Include positions in which supervisory and management skills are required. Also includes positions for those who administer public programs at the top executive levels.

Specific Job Exploration

As an experienced job seeker, you may already have a particular Federal Job in mind. Find descriptions and minimum qualifications necessary for that job.

Specific Job Exploration.-- Please keep in mind that the job titles provided are specific to the Federal government and may be different than others you are familiar with.

Select the occupation that most resembles the one you want view the list here.

Match Federal Jobs to Private Sector Jobs

Find private sector jobs that are similar to the Federal job you are currently performing or are interested in performing.

Public/Private Sector Crosswalk. Please select the Federal occupation you wish to match with a private sector occupation. View the list here.

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