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New Ideas About Education Are Setting the Stage for Change

By Erdin Beshimov

The education industry is in the middle of an unprecedented boom, which is helping build a new image for the teaching profession and create a tremendous diversity of exciting career opportunities both at home and abroad.

Teaching as a Stepping Stone to Other Careers

For the young generation, teaching as a profession is gradually shedding its image of a lifelong vocation.  Increasingly, college grads look at teaching as an opportunity to gain valuable skills, get a break and do something good while preparing for the next career move.  Graduate schools and business, public service, and nonprofit employers are progressively welcoming of applicants with teaching experience.

New methods for arranging those desks

With all those baby boomers retiring, the U.S. will need lots of college grads to step in as classroom teachers.  New teachers mean new ideas: the straight rows of your parents' and grandparents' generation morphed to the teamwork clusters of yours.  The ripples from those educational philosophies are felt beyond the classroom and affect how we think, work, and live our lives as adults.  Rows to clusters: what's next?

International Opportunities

If you're interested in working abroad, education is an industry to consider.  In the next decade, for example, millions of new teachers will bring primary education to children across the globe.  You can be one of them, or help train this new generation of teachers.  And there are many more ways to get involved: help foreign countries develop the latest education technologies, help universities abroad introduce new methods of teaching, or help international students learn about educational opportunities in America, to name just a few. 

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