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Talk the Talk of a Teacher

By Erdin Beshimov

Here's a list of ten education industry-specific terms that might help you understand what everyone is talking about at school.

Teaching Certificate

A certificate obtained from a state's board of education licensing one to teach at a public school.  Teaching certificates are normally awarded upon completing of a special teacher training program and passing of the teacher exam. 

Multiple-subject Credential

A credential required to teach in elementary and middle-school classrooms. It qualifies a teacher to teach multiple subjects in a self-contained class.

Distance Learning

In distance learning students and faculty interact via email, electronic forums, videoconferencing, chat rooms, bulletin-boards, instant messaging and other forms of electronic communication. 

Charter School

A publicly funded school that is exempt from many state laws and regulations for school districts. Charter schools are run by groups of teachers, parents, and/or foundations.

Magnet School

A school that focuses on and provides advanced training in a particular discipline, such as science, mathematics, or arts. Magnet schools recruit top students from various parts of the school district. 

The Montessori Method

The Montessori Method (as taught in private Montessori schools) is an educational philosophy that discourages traditional methods of measuring achievement such as grades or tests.  The method focuses on the individuality of each student and strives to help children experience joy in learning.  

Cooperative Learning

A teaching method in which students of differing abilities work together on assignments. Each student has a specific responsibility within the group, but they complete assignments together and receive a common grade.

Community-Based Learning

A type of learning where students, faculty, administrators, and community members work together to create new learning opportunities within local communities that fall outside the resources afforded by the school system.

Classified Employees

School employees who are not required to hold teaching credentials.  They include bus drivers, secretaries, custodians, instructional aides, and some management personnel.

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