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The Educator's Toolkit

By Erdin Beshimov

Want to be the most well informed teaching candidate? Put these resources on your bookshelf.

Career Opportunities in Education and Related Services, 2ndedition (Career Opportunities Series)

Publisher: Checkmark Books (April 2006)

Author(s): Susan Echaore-McDavid

Price: $14.78 on Amazon

What it is: A guide to careers in education.?

Where it's at: Libraries, bookstores, the Internet.

Benefits:? The book does a good job of showing the breadth of career paths in the education industry.? It covers such areas as pre-K12, secondary, post-secondary and special education, administration, overseas opportunities, counseling, curriculum development, library work, and health education.

Making a Living While Making A Difference, 2nd edition

Publisher: New Society Publishers (September 1999)

Author(s): Melissa Everett

Price: $13.10 on Amazon

What is it: A guide to developing careers around one's personal and social values.

Where it's at: Libraries, bookstores, the Internet.

Benefits: As opposed to traditional career guides that stress specific skills and educational qualifications, Melissa Everett puts personal, social, and environmental values at the center of career development.? The book engages with self-assessment and visualization exercises that pave the way for determining one's personal area of interest and commitment.? If you're thinking of being an educator, this book can help you help your students figure out their career directions, too!?

Careers in Education, 4th edition

Publisher: McGraw-Hill (September 2003)

Author(s): Roy Edelfelt and Alan Reiman

Price: $12.44 on Amazon

What is it: A comprehensive guide to education careers within the school system and beyond.

Where it's at: Libraries, bookstores, the Internet.

Benefits:? This book will give you a solid introduction to the opportunities offered by the education industry.? Not only will you learn about various career paths within the public school system, but also about education-related careers in business and government.? Looking at this book as a whole, it can help you map out your long-term progression in the education industry.? Plus, this book has a good directory of education organizations.?

101 Career Alternatives for Teachers: Exciting Job Opportunities for Teachers Outside the Teaching Profession

Publisher: Three Rivers Press (February 2002)

Author(s): Margaret Gisler

Price:$10.61 on Amazon

What is it: A guide to making a transition from teaching to other career paths.

Where it's at: Libraries, bookstores, the Internet.

Benefits: If you graduated a couple of years ago and started out as a teacher, but now want to explore other opportunities this book is perfect for you.? It's an A-to-Z guide on assessing your skills and identifying and pursuing the most attractive new opportunities.?

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