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Survey Says: Diversity-Friendly Workplaces are Hard to Come By

By Jenna Lebel

Results from a Spring 2008 Experience survey show that most workplaces are not diverse enough based on their employees' standards.

In fact, 58% of respondents said they felt their workplace could be more diverse.

Not all workplaces received low ratings. Twenty-five percent rated their company as somewhat diverse, while 17% reported that their workplace was very diverse.

While the respondents are committed to the idea of a diverse workplace, they are also realists. They realize that not every workplace will meet their standards in terms of diversity. Regardless of their reasoning, these employees see the lack of workplace diversity as a problem-- one that can be fixed.

In fact, all respondents felt that something could be done to create a more diversity-friendly workplace. Fifty-eight percent felt their employers could actively recruit diverse candidates. Others (25%) felt that providing on-the-job diversity training would create a more diverse environment. Still others (17%) thought implementing diversity policies to support minority employees would solve the problem.

One respondent felt that by treating the few minorities in the workplace with respect, you could foster a diversity-friendly atmosphere.

For more information on workplace diversity, visit our Diversity Channel.

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