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Rising Stars: Directing the Puck as a Sales Consultant

By Andrea Calabretta

Sean relocated from the Northeast to the Midwest for his first job out of college, which he hopes will be a stepping stone toward a long and successful career in Sales. He's most enthusiastic about building excitement around minor league hockey for the Lake Erie Monsters.

Name: Sean Cummings
School: University of Massachusetts
Major: Sports Management
Years Out of College: 0-2
Title: Season Ticket Account Executive
Company: Boston Bruins
First Steps

"Upon graduation, I immediately moved from Cape Cod, Massachusetts to Cleveland, Ohio and worked with the Cleveland Cavaliers for 6 months. I was then offered a promotion with our new hockey team, which is owned by Dan Gilbert. Dan owns both the Cavs and the Lake Erie Monsters who I now work for as a Sales Consultant. I realized that I wanted a full-time role where I could show what I was capable of doing and have been fortunate enough to have been given this opportunity."

From Then to Now

"I got from my major to this by attending the NBA Job Fair in Chicago, Illinois last March, 2006. At this fair, I had a few different job offers from teams including the Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers. This was the best opportunity for me in terms of the training I would and did receive in addition to the organizational growth opportunities available to me."

The Boston Bruins of the NHL decided to completely revamp their sales staff by creating a Ticket Sales Representative team. This move created an opening on their senior level sales staff with the position being a Season Ticket Account Executive. By utilizing contacts I had established through successful networking and by building relationships, I was given an interview and offered a position to work under the new Director of Sales, Leigh Castergine. Working for the Bruins has been a big step in terms of where I am looking to go in the field of sports.

Challenges Faced

"I have faced challenges including selling inventory to companies that is not perfect for entertaining clients. The best way to offset the objection to these locations is informing the buyer of the value in the location. Also, I am currently selling minor league hockey, which has been going well, but a lot of people start of saying they are not interested because it's not the NHL. The key to overcoming this objection is talking with them about our ownership group and letting them know the team will be run like a major league team."

With the Red Sox most recently capturing the 2007 World Series crown, an undefeated football team in the New England Patriots and the sudden rebirth of Celtic Pride, this has been a challenging transition for myself.

However, while it is challenging to compete with three outstanding franchises, this has presented a great opportunity to further enhance my sales skills and the task of selling out this arena. Without the solid training I received early on in my career and the leadership of my current Director, it would be much more difficult to successfully accomplish our goals.

My Experience

"I make anywhere from 80 to 100 calls per day to individuals and businesses, trying to identify their needs here and then doing my best to fulfill them by offering a package that fits their budget constraints. The most excitement is making a sale because you did something right and helped get someone into a package that they will find beneficial. I'd say my energy and passion for this job would inspire others because it is contagious when you are doing well and people feed off your energy. Anything can happen; you've just got to put in the effort."

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