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Rising Stars: The Best of Two Worlds - Nonprofit Consulting

By Erdin Beshimov

Jonathan got an early career start as a co-manager of a consulting project for a nonprofit organization. He says it was all that he hoped for: he made a meaningful impact , gained management experience, and had the time of his life.

Name: Jonathan Hanover
School: Harvard
Major: International Public Economy
Years Out of College: 0-5
Title: Nonprofit Consulting

First Steps

As his first job , Jonathan co-managed a consulting project for a non-profit organization, The Youth Advocacy Project (YAP), in Roxbury, MA. Says Jonathan, "YAP is a multi-disciplinary service organization that helps court-involved youth stay out of detention centers and develop positive relationships with their communities. Over the course of the summer, my team helped YAP develop performance metrics and improve inter-departmental communication."

As far as his expectations go, "It was all I hoped for and more. I impacted the community in a meaningful way, gained invaluable management experience, and had the time of my life."

Next Steps

The private sector is Jonathan's next career destination. "I would like to move into the private sector for a while to develop my management skills before returning to the social sector. Effective nonprofit management is going to become more and more essential to the health of the social sector in the coming years."

Did I Ever Think I'd End Up Here?

"I had known for a long time I would find myself in public service but through my studies and other experiences came to the conclusion that management suits my leadership ability and analytical personality more than direct service."

Nonprofit consulting is the best of two worlds for Jonathan: it combines "the rigor and excitement of management consulting with the spirit of public service."

Advice for Others

"Don't be afraid to be unconventional. There's a tendency for young people today to limit their career choices to predefined categories. Think about what skills you have or what skills you need to impact the world , find a way to get those skills and do it."

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