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Employment Dilemma: Do You Choose the Company or the Job?

By Natasha Zurnamer

What happens when your faced with taking an uninteresting job in a great company? How to deal with choosing between the company and the job.

Have you ever been faced with the dilemma of being offered an uninspiring
job within a great company? What do you choose the company or the job?

I have seen many a fashion hopeful faced with this exact dilemma. Being
offered a job you feel does not meet your needs for mental stimulation or
is below your expertise level can often be something you would turn down
right? Wrong! When the company has so much to offer let me give you some
good reasons for taking the risk!

Job security is one of the most important factors to consider when you
change jobs. There is no point in taking a role within an organization
that can't support you or worst still probably can't pay you! Just to have
the glory of the job title or job is not enough. Do your research and
ensure that the prospect you are investigating is within a business of

Future potential and growth is essential. Working for a company that has
the ability to offer you future roles within their structure to enhance
your career is a huge draw card. Look into the future and plan your 5 and
10 year goals. Assess whether the companies present structure or future
plans will accommodate this. For this reason alone choosing the company
over the job can put you exactly where you want to be in a relatively
short space of time. It is worth the time investment!

Having the prestige of working for a market innovator or well known brand
can set you up for life. Consider the brand and business reputation over
the job. You may find that working for a market leading company will open
new horizons for you through networking and business contacts or simply
your next employer will fall head of heals for the knowledge and
experience you gained by working for a market leader.

What ever you decide make sure you decide with commitment. If the job is
below your expertise level ensure that you plough energy into everyday so
it is not obvious to your boss. By showing energy and initiative the
promotions will come! If you take the negative approach and feel the role
is below you it will show and you may lose the opportunity to work for an
exceptional company and get to where you want to get to!

More About Natasha Zurnamer: Natasha Zurnamer is a co Director of Rat Race
Recruitment Online, the global hub of fashion jobs featuring 150 fashion
job categories and new fashion jobs listed daily. To search or advertise
jobs in fashion visit

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