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Tips to Get Your Foot in the Door

By Experience

The big question in your tech job search shouldn't be whether you'll ever find a job, but how you're going to land the job that's perfect for you.


Find out from your college career service office which companies participate in your school's recruiting program or job fairs.


Tech companies are continuously on the lookout for qualified candidates to help them keep up with the rapid expansion of their industry. While insiders agree that internships are the number one way to break into the business, there are other ways to get yourself noticed:


Surf the Web
One of the great things about tech companies is that they know how use the web to recruit new employees. Company web sites often list available employment opportunities by department and give detailed summaries of the responsibilities and requirements associated with each position. Applicants can also use these web sites to email resumes, contact human resource departments, download internship applications, and research company histories and current financial profiles. While you're online, be sure to register your resume with the major online recruiting sites. Tech recruiters use these sites more than hiring professionals in other industries do, and they appreciate the convenience these sites offer when a position has to be filled pronto.


Participate in On-Campus Recruiting
After years of hiring capable interns for full-time positions, high tech companies have started actively seeking out new employees through on-campus recruiting. In this industry, youth is no hindrance, and the opportunities available to new graduates are too good to pass up. Find out from your college career service office which companies participate in your school's recruiting program or job fairs. Attend any programs held by companies that interest you, and take advantage of the opportunity to talk to people who work there.


Build a Network of Contacts
If you're still on campus, you probably have more contacts in the tech industry than you realize. This industry has been hot for a couple of years now, and friends who graduated just one or two years ahead of you may be in influential positions by now. If you can't think of anyone you know in the business, try asking your friends and family for contacts, gathering names from the web, or visiting your college career center or alumni records office. Once you generate a list of people, set up informational interviews with them. Through these meetings, you'll learn about the industry, specific companies, and more contacts. It shouldn't be long before your leads bring you to someone with a position to fill.



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