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How Goal Setting Makes You Mentally Stronger

By Hector Cadena

Our biggest limits are those that are self imposed. Life can be a little more rewarding by setting goals and sticking to them.

If you don't care where you are going, it's easy to get there.

On the other hand, if you have a specific destination in mind, planning your route ahead of time makes the journey much more enjoyable and increases the probabilities of a successful outcome.

If you can conceive it, and you believe it, you can achieve it. There is almost nothing that once you set your mind to doing, cannot be done. The power of your mind is limitless. Our biggest limits are those that are self imposed. Everyday you can test the limits of your mind power by willing success upon yourself. I don't know why everyone doesn't do it. Perhaps at some point in their lives, they encountered some resistance and they decided that they were just not meant to succeed, so the quit. They give up and they settle for a life of less. Maybe these people need to be reminded that successful people are not those that met with little or no resistance in their lives, but rather, quite the contrary. Successful people have probably encountered more resistance than most, but rather than give up, they persevered and found out that resistance builds strength and failures are only failures if you quit.

The ironic thing about life is that more lessons are found in struggles than are found in success. It is the lessons that you learn from your failures that will propel you on your way toward eventual success. So you cannot give up at the first sign of difficulty. By setting goals, you make a commitment to yourself that no matter what difficulties you may encounter on the way, you will not give up or give in. You learn from your mistakes and you learn to not repeat them. You may make thousands of mistakes on your journey toward your goal, but as long as you don't repeat any of the same mistakes, eventually you will achieve your goal.

It's funny, but many people work hard to create a financial nest of security for our children in hopes that their lives may be a little bit better than their own. Ironically, many of the lessons that we learn in our struggles toward building a successful life for ourselves are lost on our children as we endeavor to shield them from the same struggles that tempered us and made us strong. As a result, our children may never learn how to be as resourceful as we are. Our minds are just like the rest of the muscles in our body. If you want to make them stronger, you expose them to resistance.

Goal setting will force you to challenge yourself and get you out of your comfort zone. Remember, you grow the most when you are forced to stretch. So set some goals that will challenge you beyond your limits. And once you set your goals, don't give up at the first signs of resistance. Persevere and learn from the struggles. In the end, the journey will have been well worth it, regardless or where you end up.


Hector Cadena is a successful sales veteran who has used goal setting and mind power for over twenty-five years. His newest endeavor is to will himself toward a future career in writing, speaking and sales consultation. See Cadena's web page at for more sales advice. All feedback, both positive and negative is welcome. That is the only way that Cadena can continue to grow.

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