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New Technology Means New Trends in Healthcare

By Hannah Waight

Without doubt, the healthcare industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the world today. Here's how it's changing and growing right now.


Every day researchers around the world are turning out new and improved healthcare technology.  These new machines, equipment, and drugs are contributing to the rapid development of new procedures for the treatment and diagnosis of disease, as well as making things easier for doctors and nurses.  This means that survival rates of trauma victims and the seriously ill are going up, along with the longevity of many Americans.  With technology making hospital stays shorter, less frequent, and less painful, careers in this area are in high demand.

Alternative Healthcare and Outpatient Services

Alternative medicine, which is defined as medicine not traditionally taught in U.S. medical schools, is increasingly being suggested for improving health and quality of life.  These treatments include homeopathy, meditation, massage, and acupuncture.  An increased emphasis on cost effectiveness has shortened hospital stays and increased the use of outpatient and home healthcare.  Keeping people healthy and in their own homes is cheaper, more comfortable, and less stressful than hospital care, so both healthcare providers and patients happy.                                 

Fantastic Job Outlook

Across all the different sectors of the industry enormous growth is expected in future employment.  This is due to a number of factors: baby boomers are retiring; an aging population requires increased medical care; and tougher immigration rules prevent foreign health workers from working in the United States. So as long as the world is home to the sick, the injured, and the hypochondriac, there will be employment for healthcare professionals.


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