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Doctors Aren't the Only Ones Who Make a Difference

By Hannah Waight

Before you really break into the healthcare industry, here's a simple guide to dispel some of the most widely-believed myths.

"Being a doctor is the only way I can make a difference in the healthcare industry."

Although the doctor is the most visible person in the healthcare industry in terms of providing care , he or she isn't the only one making a contribution.  Now more than ever the healthcare industry is constantly expanding, offering opportunities for people with all types of backgrounds and varieties of interests.  You might not get to wear the stethoscope, but the work that you do managing a hospital or educating people about health will certainly have an impact on people's lives.    

"There is one cure for every disease - one procedure works for everybody"

This misconception frustrates a lot of workers in the healthcare industry.  Although one surgery or treatment may be the best course of treatment for many people afflicted with the same disease or disability, every patient is unique and requires their own course of treatment.  This is part of what makes caring for patients so difficult - there are so many different factors involved in figuring out how to help make people better. 

"I shouldn't establish a relationship with my patients - I don't want to emotionally damage them or myself." 

For treatment and care to work well, patients need to be able to trust their doctors, nurses or other care providers.  Although it's probably not a good idea to take your patient out on a date, don't shy away from establishing trust-filled, healthy relationships.  


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