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Job Profile: Physical Therapist

By Experience

Find out what it takes to become a Physical Therapist.

The physical therapist has to know about injuries, how to measure degrees of injury and then recommend treatment plans.

Everybody wants to be there for the cheering, but athletes never need anyone more than they do when the cheering stops. Like after an injury when self-confidence low. The physical therapist is the person athletes can depend on for knowledge and encouragement to fight the pain of an injury and come back stronger, faster and better than before. The physical therapist has to know about injuries, how to measure degrees of injury and then recommend treatment plans. They must also know when to reevaluate and make adjustments.

Education: Degree from an accredited physical therapy program. Many institutions also require a master's degree in physical therapy, especially for those with other scientific backgrounds.

Experience: Most of the basic knowledge will come from coursework and internships. Advancement may require working in various parts of the country depending on which programs or facilities specialize in a particular area of interest. Hospital, clinics, nursing homes and schools are all areas where experience can be gained.

Resume Builders: Seek employment from schools or teams in smaller cities; you may have more responsibility and greater salary potential. Strive to develop interpersonal skills. You don?t have to be Mother Teresa, but a little compassion goes a long way toward healing.

Salary: Ranges from $20,000, average $40,000, to the top $80,000 or more.

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