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Marketing - Blasting the Myths

By Rachel Johnson

In the interests of making you an informed career consumer, here are some tips that will help you avoid common false conceptions about getting the job and being on it.

I'm going to start working right away for only the biggest and best!

In many cases it's actually a better idea to start off with a small-to-medium sized firm or company. Starting small helps you acquire direct experience in a wide range of areas - and it can also offer better job security.


Marketing is full of people with bubbly sales personalities.

Whether you're a rollicking extrovert or not, you'll most likely find compatible personalities in marketing. Because it's a field that demands so many kinds of thinking -- from highly creative to very scientific -- marketers are a similarly diverse bunch.


Only for-profit companies require marketing, so if I want to do non-profit, marketing isn't an option.

Wrong! As hard as it is to convince people to buy a product, imagine how hard it is to convince them to buy into an idea. On top of that, writes corporate lecturer Karen Kalis, many non-profits depend largely on donations for income, which demands the outreach of effective marketing.

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