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Shaking Up Your Marketing Career

By Rachel Johnson

Who better than a marketer to understand the best angle for selling a career change?

Making a career leap is definitely possible - it just requires understanding how to maximize the advantages of your marketing skills in a new workplace. Here are some of your options. 

Marketing - Entrepreneurship

As marketer, you've had direct responsibility over profits-and-losses and helped create a company's public image. Taking it to the next step and launching your own venture just involves applying many skills you've already developed. Many successful stories of marketers-gone-solo describe those who left corporate jobs and started companies around their passions, like sculpture or health care.

Marketing - Finance

Believe it or not, this switch is not unheard-of. But it is one that particularly demands assessing the qualities you can bring to the job and leveraging them during the job search, as well as recognizing that the learning curve may be longer than for other switches. Many professionals make the leap into financial or consulting careers after returning for an M.B.A.

Take it Slow

Because marketing is a field that applies to essentially every industry, it's possible to make a more gradual change - moving out of marketing in consumer goods to a job marketing in entertainment, for example. That opens up the excitement and challenge of a completely new work environment, as well as eventually offering the opportunity to switch between departments within your new company.

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