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Indispensable Marketing Resources

By Rachel Johnson

A list of books and periodicals to help you better understand the whirlwind world of marketing.

Vault Career Guide to Marketing and Brand Management

Price: $29.95

Authors: Jennifer Goodman, Gabrielle Duydnyk, John Phillips, Andy Kantor

Publisher: Vault, Inc.

Pages: 116

What it is: A bestselling guide from arguably the best career-literature publishing house out there: the "Cliffs Notes for Careers."

Benefits: This book not only offers a great overview of the industry and the hiring process, but it also takes you into how exactly marketing works- with chapter titles like "What is a Brand?" and "Evaluating an Ad." Written by some of the industry's biggest names, the guide even includes a chapter on how to nail case-study interviews.

Drawbacks: As any student knows, being called "Cliffs Notes" is both praise and a warning. Because this book covers a lot of ground quickly, you may want to supplement it with more detailed reading elsewhere.

Careers in Marketing and Market Research: WetFeet Insider Guide

Price: $24.95

Publisher: WetFeet, Inc.

Pages: 128

What it is: An in-depth look at specific companies and skills for career management.

Where to find it: At, on-line, or in stores.

Benefits: Great if you're hunting for a broad overview, this guidebook starts with a look at the overall industry and then moves into workplace culture and a description of each typical position within marketing. Finally, WetFeet tells you how to get there, offering tips on everything from working connections to which industries are hottest for marketing hires right now. With its final "For Your Reference" section, you'll also learn how to speak like a pro once you've arrived.

Drawbacks: Because WetFeet's books are authored by the company collectively, it's hard to know exactly whose experience they're drawing from.

The Harvard Business School Guide to Careers in Marketing

Price: $22.95

Author: Edited by Ann Chen

Publisher: Harvard Business School Press

Pages: 88

What it is: A look at both recruiting and career paths to higher management in a number of industries, compiled from the experiences of Harvard Business School students, alums, and faculty.

Benefits: First-hand answers from Harvard faculty and professionals to questions like, "Is a Career in Marketing Right for You?" and "What do I do when the first job doesn't pan out?" It also offers sections on specific marketing sectors and brand management, as well as profiles of big-name companies.

Drawbacks: The book tends to focus primarily on product management- and it's geared towards the career paths of graduates from top schools.

Marketing News

Price: $100/year for 104 issues.

Publisher: American Marketing Association

What it is: A biweekly newspaper on the most recent technological, economic, legislative, and developmental shifts affecting the marketing industry.

Where to find it: Subscriptions available at www.marketingpower.comor 1-800-AMA-1150.

Benefits: Definitely a go-to for all the most up-to-date practices, politics, and techniques in the marketing community.

Drawbacks: Geared toward industry professionals and full of jargon.

The Wall Street Journal Online

Price: $99/year in print or $79/year online.

Publisher: Dow Jones & Company

What it is: The nation's premiere daily source of news and information on business and financial news.

Where to find it: Subscriptions available at

Benefits: An important publication to read, period. Also offers a daily Media and Marketing Edition and job search information.

Drawbacks: It might open your eyes to a number of careers you weren't expecting.

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