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Should I Go to Grad School Now?

By Experience

Is now the best time for you to go for that advanced degree? When to go is the most debated issue many face when factoring continued education into their career plan.

One of the questions most often debated is when is the best time to consider a graduate degree? Is it better to attend graduate school right after you complete your bachelor's degree, or is it better to wait a few years and gain some work/life experience first?

Here's a list of reasons for diving right in after your Bachelor's and a list for waiting awhile before you begin.

The reasons for going straight to graduate school after earning your bachelor's degree:

  • you are accustomed to being a student -- and have momentum;
  • your study skills are sharp;
  • you have few obligations;
  • some occupations require an advanced degree even for "entry-level" positions.

The reasons for working for a few years before going to graduate school:

  • you can better know your career goals by working in the field for a few years;
  • some graduate programs require work experience;
  • you bring a broader world view to your studies;
  • you have a more mature outlook on school and work;
  • many employers will pay some or all of your graduate school expenses;
  • you can gain solid financial footing;
  • you can improve your chances for acceptance to graduate programs -- especially if you were not the best student in your undergraduate program.

The choice is really up to you. Graduate school is a tremendous investment and many factors should be considered in making the right choice for you.

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