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The Truths Of Accounting

By Kamilia Kaczor

The daily life of an accountant isn't exactly filled with unexpected surprises and thrills and accounting has gotten a reputation for being boring that it no longer deserves.

"I was scared that I would spend my days hunched over spread-sheets, tallying numbers."

It's true that in the first year or so on the job, your work as a Certified Public Accountant will probably be pretty menial as you gain experience and get adjusted to working in an office. Many repetitive calculations once done by hand are now done by computers, freeing time for other work. Accountants often travel to their clients' homes or workplaces to easily have access to all the documents they need up. Especially in larger firms, accountants can end up traveling all over the country. 


"I need to pass my CPA exam as soon as possible - definitely before I finish school and get my first job."

It's true that you need to pass the CPA exam if you want to become certified and ultimately continue with a career in public accounting. But there is no rush to pass the exam, if only because what you learn on your first job is often necessary to fulfill the exam?s education requirement. Many accountants say their work experience helps them understand the material anyway.

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