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Alternatives to the Classroom

By Erdin Beshimov

With education being one of the fastest growing industries over the next ten years, the diversity of exciting career paths in this sector may just surprise you.

Teaching Abroad

Teaching abroad is a great way to have an exciting and challenging first job while exploring a new culture, learning new languages and figuring out what to do next.? With English being the modern lingua franca you can find an opportunity pretty much wherever your finger lands on the globe.? And with millions of people eager to learn English you'd never feel unwanted in your classroom!

Admissions Counseling

With college and grad school admissions becoming incredibly competitive, it is no wonder that many applicants nowadays hire admissions counselors for help.? Admissions counselors help applicants in defining their admissions strategy, editing their essays and personal statements, preparing for standardized tests, as well as providing the necessary emotional encouragement.? One wouldn't think, but this can be a full-time job, as many counselors juggle between a dozen applicants at one same time.? If you went to a top school and have high test scores, you can charge premium rates.? And plus, you work from home!?

Education Consulting

In a sense, education today is similar to professional sports.? Colleges and universities fiercely compete to acquire top students and faculty.? And to be competitive schools increasingly resort to the help of education consultants, who help universities with operations, strategy, marketing, and many other important issues.? This rapidly growing professional field promises challenging assignments and the feel-good factor of enhancing the education sector.???????

Education Product Development

Chances are you've used a study-aid at least once in your life.? It may have been the Spanish conversation CD you listened to on your flight to Argentina or the SAT prep CD you bought when applying to college.? Do you know that making such products is a real job for many people?? With record numbers of people wanting to up their skills, you can be part of the next big product to hit the bookstores!

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