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Rising Stars: Ensuring Quality for the New England Patriots

By Laura Gordon

After deciding he wanted to work in the sports industry, Scott used his determination and a bit of networking to get an internship with the New England Patriots. Eventually, he was promoted to Quality Control Coordinator.

Name: Scott Mayo
School: New York University
Major: Economics
Years Out of College: 0-2
Title: Quality Control Coordinator
Company: New England Patriots
First Steps

Scott's entry into the sports industry was a change in plans from his original post-graduate plans. Instead of going to law school, Scott decided in his second semester of his senior year to begin exploring the industry. His first job was a result of extensive networking efforts. He remembers, "I called everyone I knew in a networking effort to contact people in Sports. Eventually I contacted a friend of a friend who worked in the Marketing Department for the New England Patriots. I went through the interview process and was offered an internship."

After five months of interning, Scott accepted the job of Quality Control Coordinator, the title he currently holds. Scott cites the positive atmosphere as the most exciting aspect of his job. He claims, "The most rewarding aspect of my job is the interaction with my co-workers, and the high-energy environment. The energy around the stadium is hard to find at other places and makes work that much more exciting."

From Then to Now

"When it came time to choose a major in college, I was still unsure of what career path I wanted to pursue. As a result, I chose Economics and general business because they provided me with flexibility." Scott says his major may not have directly led him to his current position, but they have definitely provided him with an adequate background to work in the industry.

When asked about his big break, Scott cites the moment when he first met a member of the marketing department for the New England Patriots. Yet Scott thinks that his career path has been defined by his work ethic, not specific moments. "I cannot say that there is a defining moment along my career path, rather, there is a way I approach work. I always look to exceed expectations and view everything as an opportunity."

Challenges Faced

Scott acknowledges the difficulties involved in starting out in the sports industry, and he states that it is " gain an entry-level position immediately out of college. The majority of people I came into contact with told me that I would have to start as an intern." So Scott took charge of his own career, and not only became an intern, but also did contract paralegal work on the side to support himself. Once he had his foot in the foot, the largest challenge became "working hard and providing value to the organization to drive them to offer me a fulltime position."

My Experience

A typical day for Scott involves heading up the Quality Control Program, as well as helping the New Business Development Department with other important projects. He says: "As a Quality Control Coordinator, my main responsibility is to test all stadium operations during trade shows, soccer games, football games and concerts. These operations include, but are not limited to, Food & Beverage, Parking, Proshop, Ticket Office, Stadium Operations and Security." During a normal day on the job, he will also "recruit, staff, schedule, report data, and meet with department heads to discuss objectives." His work with the New Business Development staff involves research in many areas, and also includes work on new "initiatives to improve departments internally and externally to increase revenue."

Scott appreciates the lack of monotony in his work: "The nice thing is that I have the flexibility to do the Quality Control related work, and then switch to other projects for New Business Development. For example, I could be calculating Quality Control numbers, and the next minute I am conducting research for the China Bowl this coming summer."

He is also very grateful for the multifaceted nature of his job. As he says, his multiple responsibilities give him the opportunity to "view the organization from multiple angles. It is exciting to know that on a given day I will learn something new about the organization, expand my skill set, but also learn something about the people I work with."

Next Steps

He has also come to several definitive conclusions about his work ethic and his ideal career surroundings. Scott reflects, "I've realized that no matter where I go in life, I need a high-energy work environment with people that are passionate about what they do. In addition, I'm someone that needs to be constantly challenged. I enjoy working on projects, following through to their execution and then moving on to the next challenge."

Advice for Others

Scott emphasizes the importance of taking charge of your own career path in order to achieve your desired results. Those aspiring to enter the sports industry, or any industry, for that matter, should "go aggressively after what you want, while being patient with the process." He also advises, "when given an opportunity, put all your energy into it, as that has helped me get noticed."

His last and most important tip for success. "Always exceed expectations and deliver more than you promise." With a driven and motivated spirit, you too can enter this challenging and demanding industry.

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