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Talk Like a Pro

By Laura Gordon

Here's a brief glossary of sports industry lingo as you prepare for your interview.

Sports Management

Also known as sports agents, sports managers are the fast-talking money-makers of the industry, ready to negotiate contracts, offers, and, of course, endorsements and sponsorships from big companies looking to add professional credibility to their products. Think Jerry Maguire and 'Show me the money!'


Sports Marketing

Sports marketers deal on a larger scale with company, league, and team relations. They do everything from helping to sell tickets, getting sponsors' labels on display, and facilitating media coverage. The most successful companies in this arena combine marketing and management, such as powerhouse International Management Group (IMG).


The Big Four

Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Football League, and the National Hockey League. Whether you follow league play religiously, root for your local team, or watch only when your boyfriend forces you to, there's no denying the powerful influence of these four spectator sports leagues in terms of fan and media attention - not to mention their incredible revenue-generating ability.


Media Guide/Game Book

A book published before the beginning of a team's season, or, in the case of a game book, before the game. It details important statistics and player information, and is generally used by sports journalists who cover the game.


Sports Draft

The way in which amateur or college-level athletes are selected to professional sports teams. An athlete chosen in the draft is called a 'draft pick.'


Free Agent

A free agent is an athlete playing with a team but is free to sign a contract with another team. A 'restricted' free agent may have to compensate the former team through cash or draft picks from the new team.


Press Box

The section of a sports venue that is used to accommodate media players ready to report on any given event, and a general madhouse if you're a marketer or manager.

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