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Essential Equipment for Your Sports Career

By Laura Gordon

Discover tools that can help you get a leg up in sports.

Sports Market Place Directory

Price: $225.00

Publisher: Grey House Publishing

Where it's at: Available by subscription or online at

What it is: A directory that provides contact information and detailed descriptions of almost every organization in the industry.

Benefits: The most comprehensive guide available, covering over 15,000 sports organizations, teams, corporate sponsors, sports agents, marketing and event management agencies, media, and manufacturers and retailers.

Drawbacks: At a whopping 1800 pages, there's no need to break your back or your bank by purchasing it. The book is best used as a reference tool and is a good first step to contacting different organizations.

Street & Smith's SportsBusiness Journal

Annual Subscription Price: $239.00

Publisher: Street & Smith

What it is: Targeted at marketers and managers, the Journal is a weekly overview of the week's most critical news surrounding trades, deals, and contracts to help industry employees stay abreast of current events and decisions.

Benefits: According to their website, "73% of SportsBusiness Journal readers say they can't get the information anywhere else." Essentially, anybody who's anybody in the industry reads, reports, or is mentioned in this journal. ?

Drawbacks: This publication might seem dense and incomprehensible for someone unfamiliar with current sports events and business jargon.

Careers for Sports Nuts & Other Athletic Types

Price: $12.95

Author: Ray Heitzmann

Publisher: The McGraw-Hill Companies

Where it's at: Your local bookstore or library career section

What it is: This book provides a basic breakdown of most of the different career divisions in the industry, from coaching and managing to entrepreneurs, refereeing, and physical educators.

Benefits: A great starting point to exploring the industry, "Careers for Sports Nuts" will show you how to turn your passion into your paycheck and should give you a basic idea of what each type of job entails.

Drawbacks: Not a great resource for contacts and not as detailed as other books may be.

Career Opportunities in the Sports Industry

Price: $18.50

Author: Shelly Field

Publisher: Checkmark Books

Where it's at: Your local bookstore or library career section

What it is: Detailed career profiles for almost every job in sports is available in this book, including information on being a professional athlete.

Benefits: Important statistics, such as salary ranges and employment prospects, are included, in addition to position descriptions, prerequisites, tips for entry, and an appendix of contacts.

Drawbacks: In contrast to most other books on the industry, this one does not provide firsthand testimonials.

The Dream Job: Sports Publicity, Promotion and Marketing

Price: $29.95

Author: Melvin Helitzer

Publisher: University Sports Press

Where it's at: Your local bookstore or library career section

What it is: A more focused text on publicity and marketing, aimed at a wide range of public relations executives and management professionals.

Benefits: Extremely detailed, with industry profiles, tons of history, succinct lists of tips and tricks, and fun pictures and stories.

Drawbacks: This book only appeals to the more business-oriented careers. It is also a bit convoluted in structure and navigation.

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