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Dispelling the Myths About Working in Sports

By Laura Gordon

Think coaching and managing are the only opportunities available? Think again.

When they first began working in sports, many insiders we interviewed had concerns about the field they were entering.We asked them to remember the expectations and misconceptions they had before starting out, and how the actual job compared.

"I was always a huge sports fan, but my athletic career didn't last beyond high school. I never thought I'd find a job in the industry that didn't involve coaching or managing."

Luckily, the sports industry offers a wide variety of opportunities for those who prefer to work from the sidelines. Jobs in journalism, marketing, law, sales, and even medicine are available in the industry. So don't despair - you can stay in the game, even if you don't want to play it.

"I thought that I had to know a lot about an individual sport in order to work in the industry."

While many people do get involved in the industry because of a love for a specific sport or team, there are so many career possibilities in sports that you can begin in public relations or sponsorship-related work that may just happen to be related to athletics. And you can always learn the fun stuff later.

"I'd always wanted to work in sports, but it seemed like just another 9 to 5 job."

There are many jobs in the industry, like marketing and personal representation, that follow typical schedules. However, working for specific sports teams or venues actually offer very unique workdays, as your hours will revolve around sports seasons and game times. In addition, other careers, such as sales representatives, have flexible hours and allow many employees to work out of their homes.


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