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Job Profile: Sports Event Management

By Experience

Not a superstar athlete? With a career in Sports Event Management, you can still participate in the big events. Learn more now.

Sports Event Management includes executing the event, all the way to full service management, including sponsorship sales and promotional campaigns.

The Olympic Games, The Super Bowl and World Cup Soccer; These are just a few of the thousands of sporting events held each year around the world.  Millions of dollars are spent on these events which require large staffs to manage them.  With a little research, you will find that most events are either run by an organizing committee or an event management company.

What does Sports Event Managment entail?

Overseeing an event is an enormous and challenging task. Event management includes executing the event, all the way to full service management, including sponsorship sales and promotional campaigns. Event managers within companies like International Management Group (IMG), SFX Entertainment and Mandalay Entertainment have oversee an event from concept to completion. This includes client services, marketing, sales, sponsorships, and audio/video production.  Events such as the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, The College Football Classic, or The Tradition Presented by Countrywide, a Senior PGA golf tournament, have an existing staff that manages the event.  The event staff usually includes directors and officers like; Executive Director, Marketing Director, Public Relations Director, Sales Managers, Director of Operations and Client Services Coordinator.  Each has a role in implementing and overseeing the event. The Sales Manager might work with companies to secure advertising and promotional campaigns for the event, while the Client Services Coordinator coordinates needs of existing advertisers.

How to get in the game? Volunteer!

Volunteering for events aids in building a resume, developing a network base, and exposes the inner working of event logistics.  So remember, events such as the Rose Bowl, the Olympic Games and others need hundreds of volunteers to make them a success. Check with your local visitors and convention bureau or sports commission for information on events coming to your town and get out and volunteer.  Who knows, you may be asked to stay permanently!


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