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Job Profile: Exercise Physiologist

By Experience

Find out what it takes to become a Exercise Physiologist.


Physiologists study the body and how it is effected by exercise.


If there are people who seek to improve themselves through exercise, than you?d better believe they?re people to study the effects of that exercise. Determining the proper conditioning programs, the correct methods for strengthening a muscle group, which exercises benefit which athletes is the job of exercise physiologists. Physiologists study the body and how it is effected by exercise. They also work to develop exercise plans that help athletes and the rest of us recover quicker and stronger after an accident.

Education: Master?s degree in exercise physiology is required, as is a PhD in most instances.

Experience: Beyond the advanced degrees, exercise physiologists must spend years putting their training to work. As the experience mounts, so do the opportunities. State licensing and board certification is required.

Resume Builders: While in school, most students will spend some time working for the university athletic teams. Also seek out opportunities with local youth athletic programs, other athletic teams and within private medical practices that assist athletic teams.

Salary: Ranges from $20,000, average $45,000, to the top $75,000.Back to top

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