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Job Profile: Sports Psychologist

By Experience

Find out what it takes to become a Sports Psychologist.

Building a successful athlete takes more than physical development.

Building a successful athlete takes more than physical development. Mental development is crucial to helping athletes achieve their potential. It is the role of the sports psychologist to delve into the psyche of the competitor and free up whatever demons may be waiting. This may be as simple as teaching methods of concentration, or stress management, or self-motivation. Or it may mean just talking and listening carefully enough to make recommendations about performance improvement. To truly help athletes, the sports psychologist must have a genuine interest in and knowledge of sports. That interest and experience help build the trust necessary to make a difference.

Education: Master's degree in psychology is required, some may need a doctorate. Certification and licensing requirements may be different from state to state.

Experience: When working as a sports psychologist, a background in or extensive knowledge of athletics is critical. Work with the athletic department of the college or university where you study. Seek out hospitals or clinics that have doctors who?ve worked with athletes.

Resume Builders: If you can't find an avenue through the athletic department of your school, consider designing research projects for local schools programs. Seek someone on the school board who can point you in the right direction. You might also volunteer for private athletic clubs near your home or for events when they come to your town.

Salary: Ranges from $25,000, average $50,000, to the top $100,000.

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