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Sample Resume: Marketing

By Experience

Check out a sample Marketing resume.

Jane James
123 Main St
Boston, MA 02101
(123)-456 7890


Obtain marketing / management position in music industry.

  • Experienced promotions director for three national web sites focusing on new and upcoming musical acts. All types of music covered from various perspectives.
  • Thorough knowledge of music promotions specializing in Internet and radio campaigns for newly released albums and singles.
  • Ability to communicate on various levels with advertisers, artists, corporate clients and media contacts.
  • Capable of layout and design work.
  • Experienced in digital imaging, including pixel editing with Adobe Photoshop and digital halftoning.
  • Proficient in copywriting.
  • Promoted three times in one year period to Vice President In Charge of Marketing at Responsible for increasing article submission from area freelance contributing writers. Edited and provided additional creative guidance to contributors. Initiated various promotion campaigns involving live music acts in coordination with local radio and television stations.
  • Successfully launched promotional web site geared toward local rock bands in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Focused promotions, link exchanges and advertising toward regional exposure. Traffic increase of over 700% in first year. Response surveys indicates successful regional penetration.
  • Awarded designing woman of year award, (1997), for original artwork and marketing campaign content geared toward promotion of non profit classical music concerts in Newark-Delaware region.
EXPERIENCE, Philadelphia, PA ??????? June 1998 to Present

Web Site Manager / Editor - Chief editor for rock band promotions company. Responsible for article submission, editing and tour information updates for 38 bands. All site promotional material including photographs, animation and music files are submitted for edits and proof reading prior to release to site.

Infinity Outdoor Boards, Wastewater, MD ??????? May 1996 to May 1998

Promotions Liaison - Principal marketing consultant for outdoor billboard promotions company. Inventory of 1,100+ boards extending from Washington DC to Albany, New York. Initiated promotional campaigns for various regional retailers and business concerns. Implemented myriad board rotation strategies to maximize exposure over geographic areas of 5-100 square miles. Extensive use of survey data and demographic analysis for targeted marketing efforts.

Braindrain Music, Buffalo, NY ??????? January 1996 to May 1996

Promotions Editor - Wrote various promotions for area concert tours. Introduced company to concept of on line marketing with regional and potentially national focus. Outlined marketing plan for Internet sales campaign in conjunction with area cable television and radio spots.

University of Maryland, Bertam, MD ??????? December 1996
B.S. Liberal Arts, Computer Graphics Minor.

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