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Spring Break Builds Resumes

By Tom DeFraytas

Spring Break is a time to relax, take a trip up your resume? Yup, that one week off during the second semester is an ideal time to add some muscle to your CV before graduating.

Grades alone just don't cut it in our modern job market. But aside from part-time jobs and summer internships, it can sometimes be difficult to supplement your work history with real world experience. The good thing is this can be accomplished without having to sacrifice fun and adventure during your Spring Break.

While employers would undoubtedly be interested to know you won a drinking contest in Cabo during Spring Break, it's probably not beneficial to obtaining a job. Alternative Spring Breaks, however, are an ideal opportunity to help both the community and yourself. Colleges and universities all over the country are involved with charitable programs that allow students to spend Spring Break volunteering in a variety of ways.

From teaching children in impoverished nations to helping build homes for the needy in your own city, there are all sorts of volunteer opportunities available for Spring Breakers with a social conscience. Habitat for Humanity, for instance, always encourages college students to volunteer, and Spring Break is the ideal time to travel and contribute. Information on a wide range of Spring Break volunteer possibilities can be found on-campus or online with a simple web search.

This all sounds well and good, but how will volunteering during Spring Break help improve your resume? Let's be realistic. It's harder than ever to get a job, so it pays (sometimes literally) to be well-rounded. While work experience and a good education are both important criteria, employers like to hire candidates with good character who can contribute even more to the workplace. Showing a willingness to sacrifice a week of Spring Break debauchery in order to volunteer to a charitable cause is a terrific way to demonstrate you're a good person and a good worker. So when making plans for Spring Break, why not try an experience that can help you plan for your future?

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