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Recent Graduate Resume

By Susan Britton Whitcomb

Here is a sample resume from a recent graduate.

This job seeker uses internship and volunteer experience to demonstrate accomplishments and abilities.

555 East Cove Road
Solo Beach, CA 95555

(555) 555-5555

Dual-degree graduate with D.C. Internship experiences, qualified for opportunities where communications expertise, technology skills and broadcast background will be of value.


University of California, Santa Barbara
Bachelor of Arts degree, Communications (Dean's List Honors; GPA in major 3.9, 2004
Bachelor of Arts degree, Political Science, 2004


Talk Radio News Service and, Washington D.C.
June-August 2003

Assisted in production of daily radio and Internet broadcasts. Researched Internet sources, national newspapers and other news sources to assemble show content. Wrote daily news summaries for Assisted with ongoing research on talk-show topics. Highlights:

  • Broadcast: Co-hosted live, 20-minute daily radio broadcast an assignment normally reserved for full-time staffers.

  • Communications: Covered White House press conferences; posed questions to senior officials and the President. Interviewed guests for Talkers Magazine, including hosts of top Boston- and D.C.-based talk-radio programs.

  • Technology: updated Web site with daily highlights of talk personalities, such as Rush Limbaugh and Imus.

  • U.S. Representative Geraldine Smathers, 22nd District, Washington D.C.
    July-August 2002

    Represented congresswoman at hearings and provided written analysis of proposed legislation. Served as office contact for major supporters. Wrote constituent correspondence and franked communications. Highlights:
  • Communications: Selected among five interns as media spokesperson for several campaign events. Served as precinct captain on election day.

  • Technology: Project managed on-time installation of new communications system at campaign headquarters.



    Delta Delta Gamma, UC-Santa Barbara Campus
  • Social Chair: Organized 15-20 annual events for 100-member organization

  • Philanthropy Chair: Envisioned and manages projects that benefited the campus and city.

  • Fund-raising Chair: Introduced activities that generated record revenue.



  • Computer Skills: Dreamweaver Web site design; MS Office (advanced skills in Word, Excel, PowerPoint); MSIE and Netscape Navigator browsers; e-mail applications (Outlook Express, Eudora); Internet research.

  • Favorite Subjects: Political communications, lobbying, legal advocacy and argumentation, oral debate, drama.

  • Language: Basic conversational and business Spanish (completed four years of Spanish course work).

  • Activities: Tennis, golf, canoeing.


    Amplified Resume and References Online:

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