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Speak Like a Star

By Emma Beavers

Here are some unique entertainment terms every insider knows.

Agent - The representative that gets performers auditions with the all-important casting directors and producers. There are agents who specialize in commercials, TV and film productions, theater, voice-over, and even print.

Breakdowns- A daily list of all of the roles currently being cast that is restricted to agents and managers' eyes only. 

Signatories - Producers who sign a contract according to union stipulations. If you're a member of a union like SAG or AFTRA, it's illegal to work on a non-signatory production without prior approval.

Callback - Any subsequent audition following the first-round audition.

Day player - A worker who's only hired for a day at a time. The actor is automatically called back for another day if he isn't told that he's done by the end of the working day.

Pitch - The act of presenting a project proposal to a producer or agent. When pitching, you may only be given ten minutes to convince your audience that they should invest in your idea- or listen to you in the first place.

Query letter - An unsolicited letter sent to an agent by a writer or performer seeking representation.

Trades - The lifeblood publications of the industry, read in order to stay on top of the latest deals, projects, casting decisions, and more. The Hollywood Reporter and Back Stage are two of the biggest.

Residuals - Pay received by principal performers for the use of a movie or television program after the initial release or airing.

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