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A Career Away from the Spotlight

By Emma Beaver

Are you a great entertainer but just can't see yourself surviving in the industry? Here are some careers away from the limelight where you can employ those skills.

1. Teaching

For many actors and musicians who decide to leave the biz but don't want to abandon their craft, teaching is a dependable and rewarding alternative. They get to mentor other young and aspiring performers while reflecting on their own skills through instruction, whether at the high school, college, or conservatory level. Acting and music teachers and professors also often continue to perform on the side, enabling them to keep up their careers as performers. Screenwriting is another profession that lends itself to teaching.

2. Writing/Journalism

Whether it's writing for a newspaper or magazine or striking out into fiction or essay-writing , there are a number of other venues for creative writers. The deadline-heavy and serial nature of newspaper and magazine journalism shares similarities with television writing, while screenwriters and playwrights may pursue creative fiction in book form.

3. Marketing and Public Relations

The entertainment industry thrives on creating buzz and demand for its products, a practice that also lies at the heart of the public relations field in general. Those who have built a career in marketing or publicity will find that their skills easily translate into a similar role for any number of causes, be it consumer products or social organizations. The ability to communicate a product or entity's value to the public and increase sales or visibility as a result is prized in many industries.

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