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From Being on Stage to Working

By EDMC Public Relations Department

In a business classroom, one is likely to see managers, executives, and practitioners in the field. You wouldn't expect to find someone who has been involved mostly in the theater and modern dance fields such as student Richie Wu.

"I started dance training at the age of 12, went onto a performing arts high school, and continued onto a dance program in college at Taipei National University of the Arts in Taiwan," explains Wu. "While in college, I was always curious about exploring the business and management fields, but was a bit apprehensive because I felt I had not studied it as extensively as others who were currently in the field." Ideally, Wu always thought of someday being able to combine those two areas by doing something business-related within performing arts and commercial theater.

One day, Wu tore his Achilles tendon during a professional audition in New York. Although he made a complete recovery from his injury, being off the stage gave him a lot of time to think about his professional aspirations. It was then that Wu made the decision to change career paths from being on stage as a performer to moving behind the scenes in what he hopes will be a career in more of a theatrical production management field.

"Richie Wu has an unusual yet relevant background for the study of business - he was formerly a professional dancer who appeared in major productions in Asia and the United States.," said Dr. John Glennie, chair of the business programs at Argosy University/Washington DC. "He has a particular interest in aspects of labor relations, which are unique in this industry. Richie's background and interests bring a lot of value to others in the classroom, and with the Argosy University/Washington DC DBA Program, he is being well prepared for a career transition."

Wu had completed a Master of Arts in Performing Arts but still desired to pursue a business degree. Living in the Washington DC area at the time, Wu found the format and accessibility of Argosy University/Washington DC's DBA program as the best choice compared to other business schools. The blended class option not only allows students to communicate with the instructor directly, but also to work following their own schedule.

In addition to being a full-time student at Argosy University/Washington DC, Wu has also been given an opportunity to expand his teaching background. Wu is teaching two computer concept classes at The Art Institute of Washington.

Whether he has a career in theater production and management or teaching in a university, Wu credits Argosy University with providing him the opportunity to develop many possible career paths. "Thanks to the Argosy University/Washington DC DBA program, I have the opportunity to combine my two professional passions - my performing arts background and a degree in business administration."

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